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Be a successful part of the Pinaken Retail Global Family. We are proud to claim that most of our products are best sellers for our retailers who are some of the world's most respected from Europe, North America, Australia and Asia. Come join our Pinaken family of growing retailers spread across continents.

  1. - Excellent Return on Investment (ROI).
  2. - Low Investment Required.
  3. - You can start doing business for as low as 250 (for all Other Countries)/ (for UK)/ (for Europe) .
  4. - Create your own assortment mix as per your choice. We have a large range of designs and products to choose from.
  5. - Based on our experience of selling to large number of retailers across the world, we offers retail friendly shelf ready packaging (SRP).
  6. - You are in business within 15 days of ordering. Under normal conditions we deliver products at your doorstep within 7 to 15 working days. Our prices are freight and import duties included.
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  1. - High margins with no hassle.
  2. - Shelf ready packaging.
  3. - Huge range of designs and products to select from.
  4. - Realistic yet low MOQ.
  5. - Quick turnaround.
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  1. - Products come packed in hight quality gift boxes.
  2. - Great value for money.
  3. - Can customise with your logos and matter.
  4. - Ideal for promotions.
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